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Bike Trailers for bicycle tyres

Bike Trailers

Ideal for adding load capacity to your bike - including adding passengers (such as children), or carrying extra items on your bike.

Bike trailers are as safe a riding your bike normally, and do not affect the day to day handling of your bicycle.


Trailers and Baby Seats

Trailer Bikes or Tag-Alongs for kids and Bicycle Baby Seats for toddlers and small children


If you wish to purchase one of these products online, please click on one of the links to our stores above. Purchases can be made at either Ivanhoe Cycles or Bicycle HQ.


Ok Baby Ergon Baby Seat

RRP $129.00, Now $99.00

Ok Baby Carry Kid Baby Seat

NOW 23% OFF!

The Carry Kid Baby Seat has been designed to provide the maximum amount of comfort, safety and protection for your child. The baby seat has a suspension system built-in so your child is safe from harsh jolts from the road. It also has special padding and a high back & head rest for back support. The seat has air vents channeled in so your child is not getting uncomfortable and sweaty in the seat and it is fitted with a 4 point retaining point safety belt. Both the belt and the footrests are height adjustable so you can use it time and time again as your child grows up. This seat is used for children between 9 and 18 kilograms.

Beto Baby Seat Deluxe

Price $129.95

Beto Baby Seat Deluxe

The Beto baby seats are very popular in our shop. We only sell this deluxe model which has a reclining seat back so you can adjust it to a comfortable position for your child. The grab bar is padded to avoid injury, and the foot rests are adjustable so you can adjust the length as your child grows. Each footrest has a strap to keep your child's feet safely in place. There is a belt on the seat to keep their body in the seat and ventilation and padding on the back to keep them comfy. The padding is washable and this seat can hold children up to 22kg.

The seat is removeable from the rack, leaving you with a perfectly useable pannier rack for mid week commuting prior to the weekend riding with your family.

Beto Baby Seat Deluxe for Disc Brakes

Price $170.00

Beto Baby Seat Deluxe for Disc Brakes

Beto Baby Seat Deluxe for Disc Brakes.This particular baby seat is suitable for bikes that have disc brakes. The rack that the seat sits on attaches to the disc brakes on the back wheel which is very safe and easy. The back in this seat is reclining so you can adjust it to a comfortable point for your child. The grab bar has foam padding on it for comfort and to prevent injuries. The seat is very safe and secure. There are footstraps on each foot and a belt in the seat itself. The padding on the back of the seat is washable so you can keep it clean. And of course, the baby seat comes with the bike rack for it to sit on. The capacity is 22kg.

WeeRide Front Baby Seat

RRP $199.00, Now $169.00!

WeeRide Front Baby Seat

NOW 15% OFF!

The WeeRide center-mounted bike seat offers an award-winning design that makes biking with your child much safer and much more fun. It's installed onto virtually any bicycle via a patent pending, independent steel support bar that attaches between the front handle bar tube and the seat post. It provides a much more enjoyable and interactive experience for the child and rider.

It can be used with mountain/city bikes with upright handlebars (with drop-handled racing handlebars, the rider leans forward too much for the child to sit comfortably). Children should be at least 1 year old, and it has a maximum weight capacity of 40 pounds. This bike seat is designed for casual riding on smooth, flat, paved and dry surfaces free of sand, gravel or dirt. The WeeRide child seat offers an innovative riding position so the child is visible at all times and can be heard and attended to more easily. The child is provided with a more interesting view, and the weight distribution actually works to enhance the bicycle's stability. All in all, it offers enhanced safety and a more comfortable, enjoyable ride for the child.

Note: The picture above is one of our staff with their little one. If it's good enough for him....

Topeak BabySeat II

Price $199.95

Topeak BabySeat II

Completely redesigned, our new child seat offers better protection and versatility than ever before. A wrap-around seat body creates a virtual cocoon of protection and features an updated 6-point harness system. An innovative suspension system cushions bumps and jolts and the integrated roll bar provides extra head protection and doubles as a carrying handle. Adjustable footrests and straps keep small feet away from spinning wheels. The optional heavy-duty rack features an innovative BabySeat™ II attachment that requires no tools to attach and remove seat from rack. Once the seat is removed, the exposed QuickTrack™ system is compatible with all Topeak MTX TrunkBags and MTX Rear Baskets. Child seat complies with stringent European, CPSIA and Proposition 65 safety standards.

Seat Body: Molded Engineering Grade Plastic
Safety Features: Adjustable Foot Rests with Straps, Roll Bar Handle, Six Point Harness System, Full Body Cocoon, Rear Reflector
Suspension: Dual Steel Spring
Capacity 22 kgs / 48.5 lbs
Size (L x W x H) 58.5 x 39.5 x 77.4 cm
23” x 15.5” x 30.5”
Weight 3130 g / 6.9 lbs
Art.no. TCS2100

Adams Trailer Bikes

The price is $299.00

Adams Trailer Bike

Adams were the first trailer bikes imported into Australia. They are a high quality unit designed to bring many hours of enjoyment for both you and your child. You will be able to go adventuring with your child without the fear of going too far and exhaustion setting in. They fold for convenient transport and storage, and are quick and easy to attach.

Trail A Bike 7speed Trailer Bike

The price is $379.00

Trailer Bike 7 Speed

With this tandem attachment, you can start going for long rides with the kids. Because the child is now assisting, not the main drive force, when they inevitably become tired they can have a quick rest, then get back to it. This helps their confidence and riding skills. This unit folds in half for storage or transport, has 7 gears and is made of aluminium for light-weight.

Giant Halfwheeler Trailer Bike

The price is $449.00

Giant Half-wheeler Trailer Bike

The Giant Halfwheeler is like a tandem for children. It is as much fun for us adults as it is for the children. The trailer attaches on to the seat pillar and swivels from that point. The advantages over their own bicycle at a young age are many: You are no longer limited to going "around the block" before exhaustion or boredom sets in, you can assist them to learn balance, they learn to lean into a corner while negotiating it, and they will become a stronger rider if they "put in " when climbing hills. The trailer bike is quick and easy to attach, and folds for easy storage.

Pacific Alloy trailer

Price is $379.00

Pacific Alloy trailer

Taking your kids for a bike ride doesn't have to be something that has to wait until they are 10 years old. If you have young kids, why not bundle them into this fantastic trailer and let them experience the thrill and excitement of getting out and about. Even if they don't fully appreciate it at the time you certainly will as you introduce them to a range of sights and experiences unavailable without a bicycle. This trailer will safely accommodate one or 2 children with a soft hammock style seating and 5 point safety harnesses and has a storage area behind the seats for extra clothing, food, drink and all those other things that seem to be essential when you've got little kids.

The trailer has an alloy frame and alloy quick release 20 x 1.75" rear wheels so its weight isn't too much of a burden. The Pacific trailer is easily mounted via a hitch which attaches to the left hand chainstay on the bike for towing and can easily convert to a Jogger with 12" front wheel if you don't mind a run every now and then.

When fully enclosed the interior is completely protected from the elements, but there is also the options of a zippered insect screen or open air riding too. The trailer hitch folds away under the base and the front wheel and push handle are quickly extended for Jogger usage. When in jogger mode the push handle incorporates a safety parking brake.

The maximum recommended carrying capacity is 45 Kg.

Weehoo Trailer Bike

Price $499.00

Weehoo Trailer Bike


There are a huge number of advantages to be had using a trailer bike. It is an incredibly enjoyable way to improve your childs riding skills. Because they are attached to your bike, they learn to lean into a corner, unlike the situation with training wheels on their own bike, where they tend to lean against the training wheels as they turn. Because they do not have to be concerned about getting tired, your child can push hard climbing hills, etc, so they will develop strong legs at a faster rate than on their own bike generally. Also because you can go for a longer distances (more than around the block a few times) without the concern of running out of energy, you can go on interesting excursions, so they will be even more enthusiastic about riding (and life). A trailer bike really is a lot of fun to use, when my daughters were young there was a lot of fun to be had on one of these. They had a blast! It's a great way to stay in control and still let your child get used to pedalling and pushing harder up hill etc.

The Weehoo story...

On vacation in Colorado, two parents longed to explore the Vail bike paths. With 5-year old twins, the idea wasn't looking hopeful. The duration that the twins tolerated a buggy trailer was very short. The wife wasn't comfortable riding the long fast decents with a trailer bike. They resigned to walking around town instead. Literally, that night, in a dream, the Wehoo founder did experience what it would be like to explore the valley with his family - by bicycle trailer.

Before his feet hit the floor the following morning, he grabbed the hotel notepad and sketched the Weehoo iGo bicycle trailer exactly as it is today. Once back home in Denver, welders and benders replaced the cars in the garage. Months later, they were riding with their twins enjoying all that Colorado had to offer - by bike!

The twins couldn't get enough of the Weehoo. Rides turned into 3-hour effortless adventures. No meltdowns, no fussing. The children loved the Weehoo no matter how long the rides grew. Conversation flowed between parent and child. The twins engaged the open air, breeze, sights and sounds that nature had to offer. The destination became secondary to the adventure of riding there. It was a success. And the children pedalled. So much so that riding with the children was as effortless as riding alone.

From that point, the Weehoo team didn't let anything keep them from getting the Weehoo to parents who wanted one. Today, the Weehoo trailer is available in nearly all of the top 100 bicycle retailers in the USA and Canada and in several countries around the world, including at Ivanhoe Cycles in Melbourne, Australia.

Watch this if you still need convincing.